Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Seductive Life Recap Part 1: CUBA!

 Wow, life has been pretty hectic in the past couple of weeks. And by hectic I mean in the best possible way!! I quit my job in the mountains, flew back home, vacationed in Cuba with my bestest friend and then hopped on another couple of planes and flew all the way over to my new home in AUSTRALIA! 

I'm super beyond excited about living in Australia, but first be jealous of my awesome vacation in beautiful Cuba!

Due to the best mix up ever with the booking agency, we were upgraded to the beautiful Paradisus Princessa Del Mar in Veradero. Five stars, amazing pools and all inclusive. Although, for two single girls under 40, maybe not the ideal vacation spot but it suited our relaxed vacation needs just fine!


We spent almost every day either at the beach or by the pool except when it rained :( Even then we sat underneath the umbrellas and enjoyed the warmer weather! I may have sun burnt a little tiny bit but I used up 2 bottles of sunscreen... pale girl problems!

We had some really amazing street food in downtown Veradero. This giant plate of chicken, salad, two different kinds of rice and potatoes only cost 3 Pesos, or about $3.25 Canadian Dollars!! We followed the locals to see where they were eating and there was a line of about 30 people in front of this little street stand! Mmmmmmm can't stop thinking about it. So. Good.

We drank...

A lot. (World's biggest wine glass?! It was actually the size of my head!)

I had an amazing vacation with my amazing best friend!! I would tell you go go go and get your butt to Cuba!  

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