Friday, 22 February 2013

Seductive Life Recap Part 2: Journey to AUSTRALIA!

So getting to Australia takes a long time. A LONG time. We arrived at the Toronto airport at 3:00pm on February 4th and didn't land in Brisbane until 12:30 on February 6th. We lost Tuesday!!

We had a lot of wait time in the airports, we flew from Toronto to LA, LA to Sydney, and Sydney to Brisbane.

This is on the long flight from LA to Sydney, we made ourselves miighty comfortable.

No furbees?!

On the flight from Sydney to Brisbane we met a nice man named Frank who told us all about his favorite places in Aus and gave us $20 to buy beers!

I even had to pee in the yucky airplane bathroom.

I love the view from the plane, so pretty :) 

Griffo driving the luxy home!

Me and TJ in the back seat being goofs as always!

The cute couple reunited at last!

Recap part one here!

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