Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saying Goodbye

These past couple of months have been more incredible rewarding and amazing than I could have ever expected. But along with the amazing experiences moving away from home has allowed me, I've also missed things. I've grown accustomed to missing holiday, birthdays and festivities, but in the past couple of months I've missed something completely different. This isn't going to be a long winded post because I feel like the words are meaningless. Nothing will change. 

Grandpa, Dziadzia

On Feburary 9th, 2013 I lost my grandpa. Grandpa Lloydie was strong, caring, and compassionate. He used to bring Tim Hortons donuts to my skating lessons every weekend, which coined his nickname from my brother... donut. The summer before I started college he gave me $12 and told me to keep it in my wallet in case of emergencies. He used to sit at the head of the table and always carved the Thanksgiving turkey.

On September 28, 2013 I lost my dziadzia. He was born in Poland and had seen more death and destruction during the war than I will ever see in my lifetime. He loved going to the grocery store and having coffee with the boys, and was one of the luckiest gamblers alive. He was the most laid back and genuine person, always saying things like "too late now" after he missed a turn or made a mistake. He was a card shark and loved my babcia's cooking.

Tonight I lit a candle and said goodbye to two incredible men. It is so hard for me not to be with my family, but I know that both of them would want me to continue this incredible journey, they were both so proud of me and told me so at every opportunity.

I love you both so much, and I know you're watching over me. I hope you're playing cards together in heaven. xoxo.
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