Monday, 14 October 2013

Biggest Loser: Week One

My Biggest Loser: Before Pictures/Measurements and setting your Biggest Loser Goals

Today marks the first day of my biggest loser challenge! I haven't done terribly (had breakfast, didn't eat fatty things at work) but I didn't do that great either... okay it's not my fault! We went to a fair and they had kettle corn and fresh strawberry sorbet! In good news though, we left with 3kg of strawberries (so yummy!) fresh rhubarb, chard, and rosemary! 

I weighed myself in the morning and even though these photos/measurements are almost a month old (wow!) I haven't changed a bit. Well, actually my stomach was a bit bigger, but that's because it's that lovely lady time and I'm super bloated. 

In the land down under we use the metric system, so my measurements will be, by default, in centimetres/kilograms but for any and all lovely readers from North America I'll convert everything into imperial for yah!

Week One Measurements:

Arms: 28 cm/11 inches
Chest: 90 cm/35.5 inches
Waist: 74 cm/ 29 inches
Tummy: 91 cm/36 inches
Hips: 97 cm/38 inches
Thighs: 58 cm/23 inches
Calves: 36 cm/14 inches
Weight: 69 kg/152 lbs

I have so many goals for this Biggest Loser adventure... Here's a list of 5 things I want to accomplish in the next 10 weeks!

1. Lose 12 kg/27 lbs 
2. Complete the Insanity program
3. Change my eating habits
4. Feel more confident in my own skin
5. Be able to run 10k

Basically my goal weight is 57kg or 125lbs, but I'm totally flexible on this number if I feel like I'm at a comfortable weight and I'm happy with my results, the weight isn't my biggest priority. I want to get in the best shape of my life, and I want it to happen now! I want to feel good about myself and not shy away from doing things because I'm not confident!

I'm going to be blogging daily about my (and Trent's!) adventure with our 10 week Biggest Loser journey sharing our fave recipes, workouts, failures and successes over at, but every Sunday I'll update you here with my progress! 

By the way, I've decided that the winner will win a $100 gift card to Lulu Lemon for some workout gear or super cute yoga pants! I'll also be giving out small prizes every week for the person with the highest percentage of weight lost!

Talk about exposing yourself to the world... here's a couple of horrible shots from bad angles with ugly faces but this is me before in all my glory, white as a ghost!

If you are joining me in this biggest loser journey, let me know! There are going to be some awesome prizes to be won (believe me, I'd love to keep them all to myself, and I will if no one wants to join me!) 

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Week Two: Track everything you eat in week one (don't lie!) and report your findings
Week Three: Go out shopping and buy one item of clothing you want to fit in 7 weeks, share your piece of clothing.
Week Four: Share you favourite workout so far, what time of day do you like to get your workout on?
Week Five: You're halfway already! Switch things up and try one new workout and one new healthy recipe this week.
Week Six: Try going vegetarian for a week. If you're already vegetarian go vegan. Does it change your results?
Week Seven: Push yourself this week and try to find a class at a gym near you! If that isn't an option, try a workout video you've never tried before!
Week Eight: Share your favourite healthy snack and how to make it!
Week Nine: Like the Biggest Loser, it's "makeover week!" Treat yourself to something to make you feel good!
Week Ten: After Picture/Measurements and reflect on your "Biggest Loser" Experience
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