Monday, 14 October 2013

Relationshipping: The "Double Concussion" Fight

About a year ago I wrote this post, a just kidding "how to" on how to give yourself a concussion... twice. Basically, I ran into a shelf and then when the nice doctor tried to help me out and give me a shot to ease my pain I passed out, knocking my head on the floor resulting in a second concussion. Believe you me, not as fun as it sounds!

Anyways, I was thinking a lot about those concussions, and realized that they seem quite similar to the way Trent and I fight. To air our dirty laundry out there, we fight. A lot. Mostly we just bicker, there's never anything serious but we get into pretty hardcore yelling matches over who should have done the laundry that day... we're both way to stubborn to ever just concede. 

A lot of times, when we fight one person will get mad (usually me) over something stupid, and then I'll be upset for a while, realize that something was stupid (it almost always is), go to apologize and then in the conversation about why we were upset and why we're sorry one of us usually says something almost as stupid as the fight was (that part is usually Trent) and someone gets frustrated and storms off angrily (yup, that's me). Hense, the double concussion. There's a problem, we try to solve the problem, wooops! New problem.

I'll fully admit that I'm way too overdramatic and oversensitive. I get upset extremely easily and I make things up in my head about why we're fighting. Unknown to Trent - we're usually fighting (in my head...) the whole time we're not speaking - mostly because it's easier for him to lose in my head than in real life. Does anyone else do this? I feel like I sound pretty bat shit crazy right about now!

We're both unbelievably stubborn and hard headed, and almost always think that the other person must be wrong. When we're fighting its like a tsunami of emotions flying through the air at warp speed but when we're not we're a force to be reckoned with. I'm not entirely sure how exactly we resolve our fights. Mostly just a little bit of space and after the second fight everything is out in the air. We don't try and talk it over we just say I'm sorry, I love you and move on. 

I'm a huge believer in not going to bed angry, which means that sometimes we're up waaayy too late (and believe me that doesn't help things at all) trying to hash things out, but I also will pretty much always be the first to say sorry. I'm a hurricane of emotions, but once I let everything out I'm usually alright... for a little while! ;)

Do you and your person (best friend, boyfriend, hubby, mom, whatever) fight on the regular? How do you two deal with it?

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