Tuesday, 15 October 2013

10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

This time of year always makes me remember that I haven't thought of a costume yet. Oops! I love Halloween, but I'm forever leaving costumes to the last second. In Australia Halloween isn't a huge deal (boo!) but I'm still going to try and get into the spirit by carving a pumpkin (except it'll be one they use for eating) and maybe even dressing up on the 31st! For all of you looking for simple last minute solutions, here are 10 of my favourite easy DIY Halloween costumes!

1. Amy Winehouse
This one is pretty easy if you have dark hair, grab a bump it, draw on some tattoos, add some winged eyeliner and a bad attitude and go! One year I went as a biker chick and actually brought magic markers along with me so people could give me "tattoos". An excellent icebreaker and pretty fun if you don't mind getting messy!

This is more for during the day or if you are "forced" to dress up or be festive and you don't really want to. Or if you're stuck answering the door for trick-or-treaters. Either way it's super cute!

With a little bit of cardboard, foil, and your favourite little black dress you can easily be a beer can! Plus if you're already drinking your fave beer you'll have the logo on hand from the carton!

Wearing all pink, bunny ears, and a drum out of some cardboard you're an easy and cute energizer bunny. Bonus points if you drink energy drinks so you keep going and going and going!

5. Ghost
I love LC, and her big fluffy tulle costume is too cute! Lots of fluffy white tulle, pale makeup, and dark eyes and you're way more stylish than Casper!

I used to love the adorable little French Madeline! This is a photo of a kids costume but with a blue dress, a white peter pan collar, a big blue ribbon and a yellow sun hat you have yourself a beautiful bit of nostalgia!

A touch more complicated than the others, but still has the potential to be extremely simple and adorable! A black bowler hat, a white collared shirt, a black skirt and of course a gigantic bag (which could so easily be filled with beer... or juice or something)

I saw a whole heap of Minnie Mouse costumes that were unbelievably cute, but my fave thing about LC's is her giant hair bow ears! Just find a red and white polka dotted dress, some ruffled bobby socks, and a little bit of black face paint and you're the world's most iconic fashionista mouse!

A bandanna, a blue collared shirt and some red lipstick is really all you need to pull off this awesome vintage look, perfect if you're rummaging around in your closet for something to turn into a costume!

10. Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead Girl
This is a bit (probably a lot) more complicated, but for those lovely ladies good with hair and make up (teach me, please?!) This could be super easy. Grab some fake flowers, your favourite dress, and go wild with the make up in ways you never thought you could! Bonus points for body glitter!

What are your plans for Halloween? Do you plan your costumes way in advance or are you a last minuter like me?

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