Saturday, 10 August 2013

Splendour Friday: Splendour in the Awesome 2013

Yesterday we left off in Byron Bay with my okay burger and a pretty awesome lighthouse. We then travelled another 20 minutes up the road and found our way to the North Byron Parklands, home of Splendour in the Grass.

So we decided to go a day before the actual festival began (Thursday) and there were well over a thousand other people who had the same idea. We were slotted into parking lot D which I'm assuming meant A, B, and C were already full and by some stroke of birthday magic luck we ended up in the fast lane. We were the last lane of the last parking lot which for some reason meant we moved first! There were people who looked like they had been waiting for hours and hours and hours and we waited maybe a total of 30 minutes. Lucky us! We barely got searched and after a little incident involving ripping apart the car looking for my wallet (it was in the suitcase.. oops!) we were parked and ready to set up camp, smuggled booze and all. 

^^Us on Friday morning after a good nights sleep in the tent (not!), look at all of those cars! There were probably over 5,000 cars parked all along everywhere!^^

^^ We made fast friends with a couple from Sydney, Lauren and Dean. It was so much fun to have another couple to hang out with over the weekend! The first photo was from the very first night we met. Loz and I danced while the boys stood and awkwardly swayed drinking their overpriced Smirnoff drinks. You know, like boys do!^^

^^Sleeping in a tent was pretty uncomfortbale, we decided to really rough it (aka it was both of our first times camping and didn't really know what to bring) and we slept just in our sleeping bags on the ground. It was hard and kinda like a water bed with all the rain we kept dealing with! You can see my greasy greasy haven't had a proper shower in 4 days and dry shampoo just isn't cutting it anymore hair (don't judge me, those showers were disgusting and there was literally always a line up of 20+ girls. Baby wipe showers and lots of deodorant for me!) We had a pretty sweet setup in our teeny tiny tent, a tarp underneath us as a little bit of a porch, and some star twinkle lights that never worked.... I'm not joking one of the tents had a chimney. It was like Harry Potter except where is my magical tent?!^^

^^ We absolutely lived in gum boots. (rain boots, wellies, etc) I'm so happy I brought a pair, we ended up having to buy Trent a pair for $50 at one of the overjoyed merchants yelling TGFR (Thank God For Rain). The setup of Splendour was incredible (except for the portapotties but thankfully I'm not embarrassed about carrying my own toilet paper and peeing in a bush... again, don't judge me!) That's Trent and Wilfred, which is pretty exciting... apparently. It was a gigantic venue with so many things to do and see and buy $$$$$. We sampled a whole bunch of the amazing food, the sausages up there are from The Brat Haus and were sooo sooo good! That gorgeous Kombi is part of some coffee house of which the name currently escapes me (although they made a great cappuccino!) and all I wanted to do was hug it!^^

^^ Obviously the biggest reason we were at Splendour in the Grass was the music! Hands down my favourite act of the weekend was Passion Pit, but I loved Snakadaktal, Lorde, Mumford and Sons, and we were beyond thrilled to hear that Lorde was a last minute edition to the lineup!! Here's a playlist I put together of my top 10 songs from the weekend:^^

After 4 days of too much Smirnoff and mud, and a severe lack of sleep or hygiene we headed back on the road. No need to thank me Splendour, thank you.

Now, Splendour isn't the only thing I did on my birthday... tomorrow I'll show you what my awesome boyfriend got me for my birthday!!

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