Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Last Of Splendour Friday!

Oh my gosh I'm soooo super excited! I know I've missed my last 3 (wow, 3!? For shame!!) Splendour Friday posts, but I have been listening to music from Splendour in the Grass constantly getting so amped! Next Friday I'll actually be there! Listening to this AWESOME music live!!

First up... The National! Straight out of Ohio they formed this American indie rock band filled with dulcet yet romantic tones of the lead singers voice, matched with a great baseline. (Does that even sound legit? I feel like sometimes I'm describing wine and trying to make it sound better. But seriously, these dudes are awesome!)

Second an act I'm really excited to see... Passion Pit! Wikipedia says they're American indie pop, but I'd just like to say I think they sound cool and original and essentially just badass. I'm a huge fan of Passion Pit, they're so easy just to dance around to in the shower or you know while you're straightening your hair in your undies... (You don't do that? I do... Awkward)

Finally... Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes! I'm just gonna throw it out there that you probably won't call them American indie anything. They're probably more like American indie grab your poodle skirts let's go for a sock hop and drink milk shakes! I love this song, it's adorable, I'm thinking I may have to drag the boyfriend to their show!

And this concludes Splendour Friday (Still... omg... next Friday... freaking out!!)

If you're going to Splendour let me know! We could meet up! I'll be the one in the 21st Birthday Tiara!

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