Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Seductive Life: Autumn in Australia!

March marks the beginning of autumn in Australia (no one calls it fall here, so autumn it is!) and my oh my has it been an interesting month.

 I did some super touristy things like...

 Visiting the Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour (Bunker = cool, lack of cartoons = lame)

and ice skating at the Big Banana!

We celebrated lots!

Like Trent's birthday <3 

and St Patty's Day!

I also went out with a lot of friends...

Like Ozzie and Zana!

And Zana and Kelly!

Zana and I even joined a band!

I ate lots of sushi and sandwiches...

And I love taking pictures on walkways!

In Urunga...

And Dorrigo!

March has been amazing to me, and I'm sure April will not disappoint!! 

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