Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Egg Painting!

I'm a giant kid when it comes to holidays. I love Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Easter!! Anything I can celebrate I will. And I don't just enjoy the day, I celebrate hard! I can't wait to someday have kids of my own to pass on all of my family holiday traditions. For now I'll just pass on my holiday spirit to my new family of Australians!

Every year in my house we paint Easter eggs, but seeing as I'm on the other side of the world this year I decided to paint eggs here. Apparently white eggs do not exist in Australia. Go figure. Brown eggs are a lot more difficult to dye so we had a little bit more fun than usual with sharpies and paint trying to be creative!

For this one we cracked the outside of the shell and then poured a mix of blue and red food colouring over top of it. Peel off the shell and abracadabra dragon eggs!

These eggs are ceramic so we painted on them with some water based paints. Trent drew me Australia (sometimes I draw it funny) and I went from there!

Two of my favourite people! :)

Trent was so opposed to painting eggs but eventually got into it, he's a big kid just like me!

We seem to have this issue, every time I look good in a picture he doesn't!

Not the most creative eggs or the most Pinterest worthy, but we had so much fun doing it!

I love Easter and I had so much fun decorating eggs!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Did you decorate eggs this year?

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