Friday, 2 November 2012

My Saviour:

When I read blogs, I'm technically a terrible blogger. I don't usually comment, I don't enter a lot of giveaways, and I use Google Reader to read my blogs. So I'm not adding to any numbers, I'm not clicking on any ads, and when there are 60 updates in my feed every day, I'm not about to stroll over to every single page to say hi and check out the scenery. I'm much more important than that (just kidding) but my internet sucks enough already, I'm sorry I can't load your 24 individual buttons and complicated graphics, PLUS all of your instagram pictures and witty captions for every single one. 

All that bitching aside, I really do love a good blog template. I love complicated graphics, sweet headers, and every single one of your 24 individual buttons. I understand the time and effort put into making your blog look absolutely perfect. It's like decorating your house, except better because it's all easy and on the internet and stuff!

But it's actually not that easy. You know the feeling, you're trying to re-arrange your blog and something doesn't fit and that colour actually doesn't look right and why isn't that font the same as the other one?


Cue Seriously. Amazing.

Her site is full of FREE (that's right, bitches love free) blog things! Like a zillion and a half backgrounds, in regular and wide! There are "clip art," for lack of a better word (actually, they call them blog pretties), which totally blows that Microsoft Word shit right outta the water. It's like... the best kind of shoe store in the world except they don't sell shoes, they sell blog things, except they don't sell ANYTHING AT ALL! Because it's all FREE! So excellent.

And this stuff is high quality. Gorgeous. And if you're wondering how everything can be free, they claim it's the magic blogging fairies. Just kidding, they rely on sponsorship support, and the goodness of their hearts. But I'm still going with the magic blogging fairies because how else would everything look so magical?! 

So if you're reading this on google reader or bloglovin or with your eyes closed or whatever, ch-ch-ch-check out my new blawg background, header, and even the frame for my picture c/o (yes I finally get to say that even though no one actually gave me anything!)!