Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Giant Orange Shag Rug

... Or how one little action can change everything.

When I was in highschool, my mom took me out one day. She basically dragged me to a furniture store - this was before pinterest, before blogging, and before ever even dreaming of my perfect houses. She told me that she had a gift card for this store, and was looking for a rug to put in our livingroom. We had just moved into our new house, and our landlord was a little (a lot) crazy about the hardwood floors. 

In we went, me dutifully following my mom expecting to be bored beyond believe while she searched through stacks and stacks of rolled up carpets from tacky to beyond beautiful and everything in between. My mom is slightly uptight, and very opinionated. But I love her dearly anyways! 

So we were in the furniture store looking for a rug, and all of a sudden I saw it. A giant orange shag rug. I pointed it out to my mom, and she looked at me with an "are you kidding me right now"  look on her face. Laughing she asked the person helping us what size it was. It was the exact dimensions we were looking for. So we stood there, looking at this giant orange shag rug. Straight out of the sixtys this thing was beautiful - and pricey. 

We wandered around the store looking for something more suitable. We saw persian rugs and princess rugs, floral rugs and just plain fugly rugs. We kept going back to the giant orange shag rug. It was just so glorious in all of it's excitement. We almost felt dangerous even considering the possibility of something so outlandish.

Guess what's still in my living room today? Yup, that giant orange shag rug.

That day I learned something. The first is that my mom is crazy. I mean serious, who lets their 16 year old daughter talk you into bringing a giant orange shag rug home?! And the second is that no matter how much you might think people are judging you and ridiculing you, if you do something and do it with confidence it won't be questioned. Our shag rug sits underneath a navy blue leather sectional in a beige living room. And it fits perfectly. 

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