Sunday, 11 March 2012

Secret Single Behaviour

If you're obsessed with Sex and The City (like me) you'll remember the episode about Secret Single Behaviour. I always figured myself more the Samantha type, that there was nothing I would do that I hide from my boyfriend - and I suppose I still am. He just wishes I would hide it. 


Charlotte's post on the subject got me thinking - What is my secret single behaviour?

After much consideration I've finally figured it out. And it's kind  of funny because currently it involves Sex and The City! I like to put on seasons of shows (either on Netflix or DVD) and watch episode after episode after episode while pinning, wanelo-ing, tweeting, blogging, or reading through the millions of blogs I follow. I also like to eat junk food while doing all of the above.


Now it's not as bad as Miranda's Vaseline glove and infomercials thing, but I'm sure not getting any sexier sitting in the same place for hours upon hours!

Do you have any secret single behaviour?

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