Thursday, 10 October 2013

Biggest Loser Love!

I have a confession, I'm obsessed with Biggest Loser! I love the idea of going to a camp where people kick my ass and teach me good healthy habits. It's be so great, but I'm so lucky to have never hit a heavy enough weight to have to go somewhere like the Biggest Loser.



I want to have an amazing transformation before and after sort of thing. I want something to push me and give me that incredible motivation. And this, my friends, is where I'm turning to you!



I want to start my own Biggest Loser. Trent and I have already been pushing ourselves to be more fit and eat better, but I want to push myself to be accountable! And what better way than this lovely little thing I call a blog! I'd love to have you join in, and I've also got the wheels turning for a prize! 


I'm going to do this Biggest Loser Challenge over the next 10 weeks, which would take us right to the end of December! I have decided to weigh in every Sunday, because that is what works best for my schedule, but whatever you decide is up to you!

Week Two: Track everything you eat in week one (don't lie!) and report your findings
Week Three: Go out shopping and buy one item of clothing you want to fit in 7 weeks, share your piece of clothing.
Week Four: Share you favourite workout so far, what time of day do you like to get your workout on?
Week Five: You're halfway already! Switch things up and try one new workout and one new healthy recipe this week.
Week Six: Try going vegetarian for a week. If you're already vegetarian go vegan. Does it change your results?
Week Seven: Push yourself this week and try to find a class at a gym near you! If that isn't an option, try a workout video you've never tried before!
Week Eight: Share your favourite healthy snack and how to make it!
Week Nine: Like the Biggest Loser, it's "makeover week!" Treat yourself to something to make you feel good!
Week Ten: After Picture/Measurements and reflect on your "Biggest Loser" Experience

If you want to follow along, you can check out our Tumblr page, Bec and Teej Take Fitness where I'll be posting healthy recipes and workout ideas every day! I'll be posting my progress here every Sunday, starting this week, but if you want to follow along you can post any day between Sunday-Saturday depending on your schedule! 

I hope I wasn't too confusing and long winded, if you have any questions just shoot me a message! 

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