Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pretty, Quirky Fashion Featuring Handmade Designs + Why You Should Buy Independent

When I was contacted by the lovely Kirstie who represents Elegant Steps and Ptarmigan Clothing about an indie fashion post I knew I had to say yes! Here's Kirstie with a very convincing argument on why we should buy independent!

Flower Crown from Rock’n’Rose, Crystal Necklace from Crystal Cactus, Shoes from Elegant Steps, Bag from Ptarmigan, Dress by Caitlin Shearer, Ring by Gemleys.

In this modern era of mass production and shops that produce clothing that all looks the same, it’s no surprise people are finally seeing the benefits of shopping with independent designers and smaller businesses! We all love to look unique, and we all love owning items that have been made with love, and it’s even better to know that buying these beautiful things are helping to support indie businesses, who need your support the most.

Finding good indie businesses can be difficult at first, but if you search around, you’re bound to find a few gems! Firstly, there is of course, Etsy, an online marketplace where small-scale sellers can market their designs and creations, but there are other online marketplaces too! Try Boticca for example, where you’ll find more exclusive, expensive brands that have more of a designer feel. 

Another great tip is to scour through Pinterest. If you click a pin and follow it through to the source website, you can often find the business that was selling the item. Make sure you build up a little folder of bookmarks for your favourite indie shops so you don’t lose the links!

With indie shops, it’s the little things that make the big difference. Even if you can’t buy an item, if you’d like to offer some support, why not follow that business on social media, “like” their posts, and pin their items, so they get some increased exposure. It could take you seconds to do, but you’re helping someone who is passionate about their craft or hobby have a chance at doing their dream full-time!

People who own small, independent online boutiques tend to be artists and craftspeople, or business men and women who are just passionate about providing a more attentive service to their customers, and want to offer something a little different. Sure, now the fashion businesses who are multinationals are bigger than ever, but the indie community is thriving! So this year, why not think about buying your birthday presents on Etsy, or sourcing something special for Christmas from a smaller store? Chances are you’ll get loads of compliments about your taste, and best of all, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be wearing the same thing as anyone else! 

What are your favourite online boutiques?

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