Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Website Design Review

Did I mention I had my website reviewed over at Eef Designs? Erin Flynn is all over the internet with her design website and her personal blog, and she's such a cool chick! Watch my website review below, and be sure to check out her other posts! She's full of wisdom like Alternative to Passionfruit Ads, How to Check Your Email Using Gmail, and 5 Elements Every Website Needs!

To see my full review, check it out right here!

To me, it's so important to get other opinions on my website to build a better blog. Here's my opinion and reaction to her review!

The Header: Seriously, I hate my header. I hate that font, and I hate how small it is. Erin hated my header too

Solution: I changed it! My header is now some pictures of me and my adventures and feels a lot more authentic! I left the black so it ties in with the rest of my blog!

Sidebar: Picture needed to be higher, strange break in the lines, no blurb about me, scrolling Instagram, awkward sponsor spacing

Solution: I switched my picture a little bit and moved it up, but those lines still don't line up! I think that looks awkward, but at the moment an entirely new blog template isn't going to happen. Soooo... deal with it ;) About the scrolling Instagram, well. I like it, and it's my blog so I do what I want! For the sponsor spacing, I was in the process of switching from self-supported sponsorship to Passionfruit, and had a couple of ads that were inconsistent with the rest. That has since changed, but no matter what I do, I just can't seem to get the side widths to match up!!

Navbar: No about page, Awkward contact page

Solution: I added an About Me page, and a little blurb about myself! I've revamped my Contact Page, changed the photo and made it a bit more me!

Body: Images not lining up with text, body not wide enough, too much info on one page, signature shouldn't be pinnable

Solution: I've changed the width of my entire blog and made it much wider, yay! I've also figured out how wide to make my photos so they line up perfectly! Although boo for old awkward sized photo posts! I've changed my blog to only display 3 posts/page, because they are typically quite picture heavy. I was thinking about starting to try and split my posts up by adding a "read more" button, but I find that pretty annoying when I'm searching for new blogs.  I have actually removed the pin it hover option, I don't think it's useful at all, it's probably just more annoying than anything! 

Thanks so much Erin, your feedback was so helpful!

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