Thursday, 26 September 2013

I'm Baaackk! Stop, It's iPhone-Recap Time!

Hey friends! Thanks so much to all the lovely ladies who have been filling in for me for the past week, seriously, if I could give you an e-round of applause I would! All of those lovely ladies are actually sponsors of mine, and you should check their blogs out, along with all the other incredible ladies on my side bar now! If you're interested in seeing your face there, check out my sponsorship options here!

This past week has been a million kinds of crazy. Last Monday we packed all of our stuff into the car, and skipped town. I said goodbye to everything I had grown to love about Coffs Harbour (and the only place Trent has ever lived!) which was hard in so many ways. It's easy to get comfortable with such amazing people and places around you, but we both knew it was time for an adventure!

We drove for about 5 hours (through the pouring rain) before we stopped in Newcastle to see Trent's sister. We had a pretty excellent day, even though it was pouring down. They showed me the sights and we drove all around the city, checking out all the headlands. We stopped for tapas at The Depot, which I  highly recommend  they were delicious! After that we headed to Harry's Pies for dinner, not quite as delicious as the tapas. Actually, I was really disappointed. I definitely think these pies are more of a drunk food than a sober dinner! We ended up getting some really decadent chocolate desserts and settling in for the night watching bad tv and having a laugh! Breakfast the next morning was good - not great - but the company was awesome! I don't know what I was doing, but the only photo I have from the entire day we spent with her is this one of my Tiger Pie:

After Newcastle, we drove about 7.5 hours south past Sydney over to Albury. Albury is literally RIGHT on the border of NSW and Victoria, which was super exciting and nerve wrecking for both of us. We stayed the night in a cute little caravan park, and even got our groceries from Victoria (Trent wasn't very happy with me when he say the Welcome to Victoria sign). I felt pretty trailor-trashy, having my Budweiser and my steak with my ripped jeans in the trailer. It was fun! By the time we left, the rain had stopped but it was still crazy flooded everywhere!

Finally it was time for the last leg of our journey! The home stretch! We got in the car for one more long haul. We drove another 6ish hours even further south to get to Apollo Bay. Thing got pretty dicey, but then we saw the sign for the Great Ocean Road! It was so exciting to know that we were so close, and even in the pouring rain know that we were in a place so beautiful! (All of those photos are on my camera, coming tomorrow, I promise!) We finally made it into town and met up with our new boss. She was super nice, and even let us park our car in her driveway so all of our worldly possessions didn't get wet! Turns out, I was scheduled to start work the next day... yikes! We found a backpackers to spend the night in, and took a tour of the town. The next morning, I woke up bright and early to start work. 

After a couple of days of staying in the backpackers we were getting restless. All of our stuff in boxes? No thank you! We were also starting to run out of clothes... We went apartment hunting and finally settled on this little one bedroom unit in what we now know is "the Apollo Bay ghetto." Let me just tell you, this "ghetto" is the nicest ghetto I've ever seen. It's cheap and cheerful, furnished, and power is included. Wham bam thank you ma'am we have a new place to live!

I guess we were just going with the ghetto theme, because we bought a box of goon and had nachoes as our first meal in our new house! We're still getting things out of boxes and trying to find homes for everything (with very very little storage I might add) but for the most part we've settled in!

Being in Apollo Bay is completely different than Coffs Harbour, in so many different ways. I'm so so beyond excited to keep exploring this amazing place, AND everything in Victoria around me!

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