Friday, 20 September 2013

Guest Post: Rachael's 5 Tips for Moving Away

For the next week I'm going to be super busy moving and settling into my new place so I've asked a few lovely ladies to come over and keep you company! Thanks so much Rachael  for guest posting! Moving is always tough, but super fun! These are some great tips to make the transition easier!


Hey, friends!  My name is Rachael and I blog over at Pretty in Pink.  I'm taking over for Miss Becky while she moves her booty across Australia!  But first, a little about me...

I'm a college student studying to be a teacher.  I blog about life, friendships, tea, books, Carrie Bradshaw and of course, the color pink.

I live in the good ole USA (Ohio, to be exact), but last summer I spent two months in Atlanta, Georgia!  I lived with my aunt and uncle, so I had family, but I had to start all over when it came to making friends and finding things to do.  I needed a change of pace and moving away for the summer seemed like a good idea (turns out, it was!)  Today I want to share 5 tips for moving to a new place on your own and how to make the adjustment easier.

Make connections
When I moved to Atlanta, I knew that I had a cousin that lived in the area that I wanted to reach out to.  I also knew my boss at work had friends in Atlanta, so she gave them my number as well.  The point is, reach out to people you may know in your new area!  You can use face book and your blog to do this.  I met one of my great friends through blogging in ATL and I am visiting her in December!

Enjoy me time
If you’re moving somewhere new and don’t have the usual social calendar, it’s okay to start enjoying some “me” time.  Write, read, journal, do your nails, or start up a new hobby.  For me, I began going to the gym because I had more free time.  Look at it as a good thing and not a bad thing!

Pick up a hobby
Along with number two, you will have more time with a cleared social schedule.  Look on your Pinterest boards and see what you've always been wanting to do but haven’t.  Knitting?  Sure, why not!  Learn how to paint your nails in a cool way?  Let’s do it!  Always wanted to read a book about aliens? Go for it!  This can be a time in your life to re-evaluate your life and priorities!

So you just moved to a new city, awesome!  There are so many places to explore, people to meet and adventures to be had!  So get out of your comfort zone and go meet new people and try new places.  The Internet is your friend.  I tried to eat at new places, went to Six Flags, and even went to the mall by myself (which was a little scary, I’ll be honest!)  Pushing myself past my comfort zones helped build me into a better version of myself and gave me confidence!

Stay in touch
I’m grateful we live in a society that is so technological (is that a word?)  Skype, snapchat, texts, phone calls… they all make keeping in touch with friends and families in your new home easy.  Don’t be afraid to call friends and reach out to others.  

Have you moved to a new area? What tips do you have for me?

Thanks Becky for letting me post!  I would love it if you stopped by my slice of the Internet and said hi.  


Thanks so much for posting Rachael! Definitely some amazing advice about making friend in a strange place - I'm going to need it!
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