Sunday, 22 September 2013

Guest Post: Kristen's Fall Comfort Foods

For the next week I'm going to be super busy moving and settling into my new place so I've asked a few lovely ladies to come over and keep you company! Thanks so much Kristen for guest posting! Mmm, with fall right around the corner for all of my North American friends, I can't help but salivate over the thought of a big bowl of chili or beef stew... guess I'll have to look from afar, seems a bit much right before a summer day at the beach in Australia!


While some of you are probably glad to bid winter adieu, I'm itching for the days to get colder and to cozy up with warm drinks and comfort foods. Certain meals just seem to pair perfectly with specific seasons; savory, hearty beef stew doesn't really work when your kitchen is already sweltering from the summer heat. 

Whether you're chasing the crisp days away or welcoming them in for another go, what better way than to curl up with a warm, steamy bowl of your favorite comfort food? I'm looking forward to meeting up with these old friends for a new autumn: 
Kale & butternut squash soup makes for a nice toasty bowl (or twelve) of goodness to cuddle up with on chilly days. 
Chicken & biscuits, chicken & noodles, pot pies, casseroles, or any other variation on the "how many carbs can you pile onto one another in a single serving dish" game. 
Creamy pumpkin pasta might sound strange, but turns into a great way to use up leftover pumpkin as autumn progresses (I'm guilty of stockpiling as much canned pumpkin as I can get my hands on at the store to make this autumnal variation of macaronic and cheese).

Baked gnocchi. I jumped the gun a bit early and made this for dinner the other day. What can I say, it was particularly fall-like out. My motto is, "the more cheese, the better", and baked gnocchi delivers. Sure you can eat this dish any time of year, but it's more fun to have cheese, potatoes, more cheese, and melted cheese, baked and served in a rustic looking bowl to settle in to fall (or chase the chills away!). Make a roux, add your favorite cheeses, toss, and bake with some Parmesan on top? Oh yes.
Beef stew. Nothing says fall comfort like letting the crockpot simmer away all day and having a warm, hearty meal when all's said and done.

What dishes make you all cozy and content inside?

Thanks so much for posting Kristen! I'm super excited for fall comfort food, yum!!
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