Sunday, 29 September 2013

Giving Myself Permission

I give you permission to be sad. Some days are happy, and as bloggers we're always talking about how we need to try and be more positive or how to make yourself happier. And that's great. Being happy is an amazing feeling, and something we should look for in even the smallest places.

But I give you permission to be sad. I give myself permission to be sad.

Today, I give myself permission to:

  • Lay in bed all day
  • Not talk to anyone if I don't want to
  • Watch trashy tv
  • Online shop
  • Make a mess
  • Eat pizza and ice cream
  • Cry until my eyes are sore and dry
  • Listen to sad music
  • Cuddle under the covers
  • Ignore the rest of the world
  • Call in upset to work
  • Be unhappy
Sometimes, it's okay to be sad. 
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