Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nambucca Heads: A Thousand Stories

Sometimes Trent and I just get into the car and drive. We don't know where we're headed but with blue skies, the windows down and music blaring (usually this Major Lazer set, we're still obsessed!!) 9 times out of 10 we end up at a beach. I just love the ocean and the coast, it's so different then what I'm used to growing up in landlocked ol' southern Ontario!

This particular drive we ended up in Nambucca Heads, a gorgeous little town about 40 minutes south of Coffs Harbour. There was probably a kilometer strech of hand painted rocks right along the water. We spent almost 2 hours just reading all the rocks, some of them were funny, some of them were cute, and some of them were sad. We actually found one that had be painted over in black, but in the sunlight you could see that underneath it said "Will you marry me?" Awkward! I could have stayed here forever, Trent and I have decided to go back and paint our own rock! 

 photo Untitled-4_zps00dbc191.png

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  1. Nice pictures! I have never heard of Nambucca heads, but those painted rocks are pretty cool :)

    1. Nambucca Heads is a small town on the east coast of Australia, I find it so much fun to explore all over, not just the major cities/beaches!

      Thanks for your sweet comment!

      xo B