Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ballina aka The World's Largest Prawn!

On our way to Splendour in the Grass (more about that in the next couple of days!) Trent and I decided to extend our trip and spend a night in Ballina. Now, all I knew about Ballina was that it had "a good pub.. I think" (thanks Trent) but from the website I thought it'd be alright! We set out on our journey, more than eager to get out of Coffs Harbour and exlore a little more of this country! After 3.5ish hours (we took the very very scenic route. As in what's that thing? Turn that way!) We finally arrived in Ballina. What had started out as a nice day very quickly turned dark and stormy. Yikes!

We stayed in the Ramada Ballina which I would highly recommend. The bed was soft, the water was hot, and the staff was super friendly. It was also really cool, we had an awesome balcony, the pool was awesome (even though it was too cold for swimming) and it was just a couple minutes walk from Baskin Robins. Always a win! (It's never too cold for ice cream) Before dinner we took an obligatory silly hotel room selfie, is it still a selfie with two people?, and then headed out for some delicious lamb pappardelle and mushroom risotto which I sadly did not take picture of... oops. 

After dinner we explored the hotel, took some pictures around the pool in those weird cone seats and went out for a drive. Driving in the dark in a place you've never been? Not the best case scenario. We kept seeing signs for a lighthouse but seriously, we could not find it. I swear it hides at night (which is totally against  what a lighthouse is supposed to do, right?) The next day after some yummy eggs benny at Brewsters, the pictures you can see on my Instagram, we headed out to try and find the lighthouse again. We found a lucky lookout, and won a free ticket on a scratchie! Yay! After all that, we finally found the teeny tiny lighthouse about a kilometre in from shore. 

After all that, the most exciting part has to be that Ballina is actually home to the World's Largest Prawn! I'm not kidding, this thing actually exists. I made Trent pull over awkwardly in front of heaps of construction workers building the new Bunnings (Home Depot sorta thing) behind us, but I got my photo with the World's Largest Prawn! Awesome!

Seriously, I was thrilled. So if you're ever in Ballina don't miss out on an opportunity to see one of the World's Biggest Things!

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