Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I Heart Handmade: EcoWoo

I'm starting a new series called "I Heart Handmade" featuring products and people I love from Etsy. Today I am featuring EcoWoo, makers of beautiful handmade wooden sunglasses. Each pair is unique, not unlike Jana, the shop owner. Take it away Jana!

My name is Jana and I’m owner of EcoWoo store which is on Etsy. I would like to give you the little overview about EcoWoo’s passions and main ideologies. I recently started to work with Jack who is providing me with his beautiful handmade wooden sunglasses. When I was introduced to Jack’s creations I knew that we need to open up an online shop together and that everyone would fall in love with this beautiful unique pieces same as I did.

Why wood? For thousand years we have been hugging and appreciating the calming effect of the trees. Wood is one of the ecological products which can be used almost for everything. Starting with fire making to keep us warm, house to give us roof to something as simple as paper to keep us  entertain and educated.

I chose to focus on sunglasses made from wood. I find them not just as a fashion pieces for our eye protection but also a unique sole with its own birthday marks which make every piece unique. We use different kind of wood from all over the world. Each sunglasses gets extra care to keep them perfect. Lenses are polarized with 100% UV 400 protection for the best visual experience.

Jana has been kind enough to offer all Seductive Mania readers an 8% discount with the code: SEDUCTIVEMANIA

Please like her on Facebook and visit her Etsy store!:

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