Sunday, 18 August 2013

9 Things I Love Today

After my rant yesterday about my life, everything seems to have turned around! Not completely, but I think getting things off my chest made me feel a lot better. Trent's mom (shout outz to Chrissy!) read my blog and asked Trent and I to have a "family meeting." She realizes that our position right now kinda, well, sucks. And she's willing to help in whatever way she can. Just knowing that there are people willing to help us out was just an incredible feeling, especially after feeling so alone. Thank you ladies for your kind words and I'm feeling a lot more positive about my life and my future!

These are the 9 things I'm loving this super positive Sunday!

☀This adorable print from such an amazing song lyric

☀This amazing flower letter idea, I love it!

☀This incredible looking (and I'm sure tasting!) summer salad!

☀This holy-mother-of-beautiful maxi dress

☀These incredible home ideas (and a whole heap more!)

☀This hilarious Chuck Norris tshirt!

☀These incredible water colour letters (there's a tutorial!)

☀Mr. Reynolds, I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone make cotton candy sexy before

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Hope your weekend has been as full of positivity as mine has!!

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