Friday, 12 July 2013

A Brain Thing...

Sometimes when I have really intense thoughts and I go to tell Trent about them I refer to them as having a "brain thing." It's like a series of thoughts that string together to make something much more complex and difficult to explain. If I tell him I've been having a "brain thing" he knows to sit down, shut up, and let me work through what I'm trying to explain to him.

It's hard to have a brain thing on the internet. It's hard to explain where I want to go or what I want to do in short unintentional sentences. It's hard for me to understand myself, but one thing I do know is that seeing the world has helped me do that.

I'm a bit of a space cadet, but I dream in colours, scenes, and places. Not facts and information. I want to travel, I want to see the world and really really live in it. I guess this has all come about by the recent quest to acquire a 4 wheel drive to tour around Australia with. I want to see the bits where roads don't lead you. I want to cook on a camp fire and watch the stars every night from an view untainted by street lights and passing cars.

I want adventure, I want to force myself out of where I feel comfortable and make a new life comfortable for me. I always feel like I can reinvent myself, but lately it seems that I'm enjoying who I'm becoming more and more. Maybe there's no need to reinvent myself for any blog, or society.

Maybe it's okay to just be. 

Be happy and silly or dark and twisty. Be adventurous and safe all at the same time. Be outgoing and shy. Be a little bit crazy. Be the best combination of personality traits I know how to be.

And this, ladies and gentleman was a brain thing brought to you by my seductive mania of a mind! Sorry I've been MIA, the lovely boytoy came back from 3 weeks in Miami and I've had my head in the clouds!

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  1. Go travel!! Be wild and young! Love the new design by the way :D