Monday, 1 July 2013

Happy Canada Day w/ FREE Printable! (and RIP Google Reader)

We celebrated Canada Day yesterday, because unfortunately here in Australia we don't get an extended weekend (which totally sucks btw)!

If you need some last minute Canada clothes and Old Navy is sold out of their $1 Canada Tshirts why not pick up a plain shirt, some iron on transfer paper and join "THE EH TEAM!"

Grab the printable HERE! It's already flipped and the size of a standard sheet of paper, so just download and go! Don't worry, it doesn't say Seductive Mania on it!

Also, just a reminder today is the very very last day of the glorious life of Google Reader! Even though I'm sure if you're reading this on Google Reader you're crying and burning prayer candles and stuff and don't need yet another reminder of your impending loss... Follow me on Bloglovin because that'd be really really rad of you!

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