Friday, 7 June 2013

Splendour Friday 5 and 6/13!

Weellll, looks like I skipped another week. Bad blogger! So to make up for it here are TWO of my favs that are going to be at Splendour in the Grass for my bestest birthday party ever! (Yes, I've decided that all 50,000 people there are going in celebration of my 21st birthday)

First up, Chet Fakers' cover of No Diggity. I love covers of this song. Seriously, how could you not?! Smoothed out gangsta rap is my fave!

Second, Flight Facilities (feat Giselle) Crave You. The sweet sounds of Giselle's voice paired with the witty lyrics and great beat, instant addition to the driving playlist!

Are you going to Splendour? Have you ever even heard of it?!

Thanks for indulging another day of my awesome musical taste!

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  1. I love covers of songs. Going to have these on repeat for a while ;)
    xo TJ

    1. Same here!! Sometimes I end up loving the cover more than the original song... have you heard this one? ahhh-maaazing!!

      xo B