Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Inspiration Planner

I've been thinking about what inspires me lately... I always feel so creative when I take a look at my scrapbook with all the pretty paper and stickers and tape! 

So, I decided to decorate my day planner! Make it a little less uniform and a little more "me"!

Front cover

It didn't have the month of June (it was a financial year day planner) so I had to make one myself! Awkward... I was supposed to post this yesterday!

These two ^^ are my pages, which I'm sure will soon be filled up with doodles and happy things!

This is the regular book! I've decorated it with some paper tape, and I have a couple more ideas but we'll see! I'm already feeling more inspired!

What do you do to make you inspired on a day to day basis?

 photo bottom_zps3f6b182c.jpg

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