Saturday, 8 December 2012

21 Shades of Christmas: Snowflake 101

Today I wanted to make some snowflakes for my room, but to my surprise, I had completely forgotten how to fold and cut snowflakes! After a little help from my friend Google, I came up with this Snowflake 101 for you!

First, turn your paper into a square. That's steps 1-4. What you want to do is take one corner of your paper, and then fold it diaganally across your paper until it makes a smooth top edge. Cut away the excess. 
Fold your paper in half, and then in half again!
Now fold your paper in half one more time, but diagonally this time!
Round off the top corner to make a rounded snowflake!

Snip snip snip away, and you have one beautifully unique snowflake!

Here are a couple of snowflakes I busted out this afternoon!

Now get creative and make some snowflakes!

17 Days until Christmas!

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