Saturday, 8 December 2012

21 Shades of Christmas: Merry Christmas Banner

Guess who's back... back again. Becky's back. Tell a friend... (Eminem fix of the day!)

Okay you ready for this one? Ready? Let's gooo! We're going to make a pretty little banner. Yours can say whatever your pretty little mind wants it to say, but mine says  I used red, green, and cream felt. Cream for all the letters. But really, rules suck, do whatever you want. Seriously. Orange and blue and purple? Do it. 

I also picked up one of those nifty letter stencils at the dollar store ON SALE (did you know dollar stores had sales?) for 50 cents.

Okay so see what I did there? I traced out all the letters and then cut them out. No way, right? Who would have ever thought that step came next. But seriously. Look at at that. So easy.

Okay, now cut the red and the green into whatever shape you want. I wanted triangles but since I didn't have a ruler I was like F THAT, let's do some squares. Squares. Woooo! Now glue everything down. I didn't take pictures of that step, although my pretty pink glue gun could have used some close up shots!

Cut some holes, string some string, and baddaboom baddabing you've got a banner! Christmas-y and perfect and cheerful! 

17 days until Christmas!

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  1. I love this banner! Simple and cite idea :)