Sunday, 4 November 2012

50 Shades of Christmas

So, I LOVE Christmas. I don't care if I'm supposed to say "Happy Holidays" and be all politically correct, I will, 100% of the time, say Merry Christmas. I celebrate with stockings and Santa and decorated trees and reindeer, etc. That doesn't mean that if someone says have a Happy Hanukkah I will be offended. Hell, Happy Kwanza! Have a very merry Christmakwanzahanukkah! I just love the holidays. It's a time of giving (and let's face it, receiving), a time of cute cards, cookies, and ugly sweaters. It doesn't matter what you celebrate, the month of December is the most wonderful time of the year!

(my lovely family and our awkward family photo about 2 years ago)

This year is my first Christmas without my family. My first Christmas without my stockings, without my tree and my baby's first Christmas ornament. My first Christmas without my mother's absolutely ridiculous collection of snowmen. No holiday cheer in my staff accom, no wreathes or silly decorative display tables with no real purpose.

Which is why, I've decided to take a stand! For the 50 days before Christmas, I will be slowly decorating my humble abode (and by that I mean dump) to put me, and my housemates, in the holiday spirit! I'm going to DIY the shit outta this place! For the next 50 days (starting Nov 4th) be prepared for holiday spirit OVERLOAD. (Get it, get it? 50 Shades of CHRISTMAS? I'm so clever)

And you better believe I've been playing Christmas music all day.

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