Monday, 5 November 2012

50 Shades of Christmas: Ugly Sweater!

Ugly sweater parties are the coolest things since hipster glasses and sugar skull tattoos. Seriously though, as someone who's mom was a teacher I've worn my fair share of ugly sweaters (and vests, sorry mom). But suddenly now my mom's closet appears to be the gold mine of hipster holiday clothes. You want a Easter vest? Yah she's got one. And I swear, my dad is the original hipster.

I think ugly sweaters are great. I think it's especially great that wearing silly "vintage" clothes = immediate cool. I'm totally a jeans and tshirt chick, but I picked up this turtleneck at ValueVillage just for funzies.

Red turtleneck + fluffy yarn from my halloween costume + random felt pieces + scissors + glue gun = Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Look at my cute little snowman! Super easy! Basically just take all of your random little pieces of felt, buttons, and string. Then use your pretty little glue gun and glue things on. I feel like personally the more random and weird looking the better. (This is more like my way of saying worst DIY ever...)

And yes, I own hipster glasses. And I would like a sugar skull tattoo.. but that doesn't mean I'm a hipster! I love Britney Spears, so that means I could never be a hipster. 

So this is my first shade of Christmas, and probably the worst DIY I've ever done.. but I'm not quite sure how to explain glue shit onto a sweater. 

51 days until Christmas!

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