Tuesday, 6 November 2012

50 Shades of Christmas: Cards (Round 1: Santa Hat and Snowflake)

So I'm in here by the skin of my teeth (p.s. I don't really understand that saying... teeth don't have skin?)
So anywho, this'll be short and sweet. Mostly because it's 11pm, and I have to work breakfast tomorrow and I'm feeling a little bit like poo.

I've never been one to send a lot of Christmas cards, but I've always been fascinated by paper art. Here's my attempt at 2 different Christmas cards, more coming at your way tomorrow!

This one is easy: cardstock, printer, my nifty glue gun, scissors, felt, and a pen!

I will put up the template for this, as soon as I remember how to add a printable PDF. (Any suggestions?)

(**EDIT** I figured it out! Let It Snow TemplateSanta Hat Template)

Print, Trace, and cut. Then glue. SO EASY.

Told you, super easy. Print, Trace, and cut.

Then glue!

Hello Christmas cards! I took the liberty of adding a super adorbz picture of me underneath the santa hat, and then used cotton balls to add the eyebrows and the beard!

50 days until Christmas!

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  1. haha cute! I can't believe it's only 50 days until Christmas though :S