Thursday, 8 November 2012

50 Shades of Christmas: Christmas Cards (Round 2)

Hey hey hey! Miss me yesterday? Our power went out for a solid 12 hours - good job snow plow running into power lines! (Yes, we have a ton of snow!)

But no need to fear, Becky and her horrible DIY's are here!

Just sayin though guys, I'm really enjoying these crafts. So much so that I do them and forget to take pictures... Same as when I bake. Or cook. Or basically do anything, haha. I get way to into whatever I'm doing to take pictures!

But here are my next 3 Christmas cards, which I would like to give you printables of, BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW! Please help!

(**Edit** I figured it out! Ho Ho Ho TemplateReindeer TemplateLove Santa Template)

First is a pure printable - I borrowed some clip art from the internet, shaded it in white, and added the little ornaments to the antlers. Inside I wrote Happy Holidays. I think this card is super because it is super versatile, and still so festive!

This is my least favourite so far, but in the interest of being real, here's my failure! I put two strips of silver glitter paint and then wrote ho ho ho. I thought it would have come out nicer... but I really didn't plan it out all that great! Oh well, this one can go to grandma, she'll love it no matter what!

This one was one of my favourites. I printed out a red background, used some green wrapping paper to make it look like a present, and then added a love Santa gift tag, some string, and a pretty little bow! I think it'd look like a great present to open out of an envelope!

If you missed my other cards, check out round one here!

47 Days until Christmas!


  1. Bohemian Beautiful12:07 pm, November 08, 2012

    re your printables, how are they saved? are they saved in PDF's??

    1. they aren't pdfs yet, i dont know how to save them to pdfs/make them printable!!! except somehow i did it in my skull shirt diy... haha