Tuesday, 3 April 2012

19 Before 20

First of all - It isn't my birthday. And it isn't my birthday for another 108 days... unfortunately !

Second of all - I love the idea of ## before ## lists, and ever since grade nine, some good friends and I always made "summer lists", "first semester lists", etc. It was so much fun being able to check off the silly things we did together, and take pictures of them along the way. 

So, I've decided that with one-hundred-and-eight-days until my 20th birthday, I'm going to make myself a 19 before 20 list. Whatchu gonna do about it!

Becky's (Belated) 19 Before 20 List!
  1. Move into my own space
  2. Travel to somewhere I've never been before
  3. 30x30 Remix (reloaded? Major fail so far, I'm thinking JUNE)
  4. Buy a car
  5. Get a camera
  6. Make a blog calendar
  7. Complete the Insanity workout program
  8. Make Momma's surprise bday present!!
  9. Mothers Day DIY feature
  10. Start "Project Life" and documenting everything I do
  11. Figure out how to stay connected with my friends
  12. Make an inspiration board
  13. Do more volunteer work
  14. Make The CupCapers "prototypes" at least 10 times
  15. Do something drastic with my hair
  16. Spend tons of time in the sun
  17. Read more books and less blogs (or just more books!)
  18. Get my record player fixed so I can put on girlie dresses and spin around like the records
  19. Be around (on the blog, silly) to post a 20 before 21 list!

Not too fancy, just a bunch of things I was (hopefully) going to get done in the next 108 days anyways! Lookout world - I have 19 things to do and no one's gonna stop me!

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