Saturday, 24 August 2013

Off to the Races: The Coffs Cup!

Every year in Coffs Harbour, the ladies brush off their fancy fascinators, and their misters pull that one suit and tie from the back of their closets. That's right, it's race day. In Coffs Harbour, the races are the first week of August (yes, I'm a bit behind on updating everyone with my life.. I'm working on it!) and it is the social event of the winter. It's the time to put your best foot forward and show off what you've been hiding all winter! Think the Melbourne Cup.. but smaller. And a bit more ghetto (sorry ladies but leather knee highs are not race day classy). 

Zana (in case you don't know Zana - what rock have you been living under? - she's this awesome chick who I adventured from Canada to Australia with) and I were super excited for the races, what girl doesn't love any excuse to dress to impress?

We spent the morning getting ready, gossiping, and generally having an amazing time. When it came to taking pictures the boys were a little more reluctant to get in their proper attire and stay in it! After a couple of beers both of them were itching to get out of their ties and jackets! 

It was so much fun getting ready and seeing everyone dressed to the nines. There were more than a few faux pas, but who am I to judge, my shoes were from Big W! 

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing couple of friends, they've made Australia feel so much more like home than I would have ever imagined! And to anyone who might wonder how the actual races were... I have no idea. Note to Trent: Drinking an entire bottle of Southern Comfort before any occasion is never a good idea #whitegirlwasted. The whole fun is getting ready anyways, right?!

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