Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Festival Essentials (I'm Not Talking About Flower Crowns)

Yes, I'm still talking about Splendour in the Grass... Splendour was my first real festival, and I packed a whole bunch of clothes I never ended up wearing (see How to Pack for a 3 Day Festival) ! Although I saw a lot of girls wearing totally cute outfits, I found the whole thing pretty impractical. I'm all about the comfort, especially if I'm going to be dancing and listening to some awesome music! I thought I'd throw together a little guide of my festival essentials!

One: A long sleeve flannel shirt. Seriously, this is what I lived in at night. It was perfect and versatile, throw it around your waist (apparently that's in? see here, here, and here.) Roll the sleeves up, roll em down, whatever works!

Two: Denim cut off shorts. Okay, I know festivals are all about style and being girlie and boho and cute or whatever. But a cute pair of denim cut offs can handle dirt, can handle port-o-potties, and can handle your crazy ass dancing because duhr you're at the festival for the music!

Three: Cute dark coloured shorts. I'm just saying - you're going to get dirty. So if you feel like being a bit more cute and dressy, maybe get your lace on a little bit more practically in a dark colour with embellishments. Colours like black also mean you can wear them with a couple of different shirts which means more room for booze in your bag!

Four: A good cross body bag. A good cross body bag is vital to a successful festival journey. You want to be able to carry all of your necessities but still be able to wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! Something study, but comfortable and nothing to stiff or you'll get a lot of complaints in the mosh pit!

Five: Tall rain boots. This one is a little more festival specific, but seeing as Hunter has a whole line of Festival rain boots I'd say I'm not far off. We were ankle deep in mud at Splendour in the Grass, and merchants had big smiles on their faces selling overpriced plain black rain boots for $50 a pop to those who had forgotten to buy some. Buy yourself a nice pair and stash them in the car, you never know!

Six: A cute rain jacket. I'm just saying, those $2 plastic poncho things that they give you when you go under Niagara Falls are not cute. Or very practical, they fall off, they don't cover your arms, and they make whatever cute look you were going for look sad... and wet. Plus, if you're at a multi day festival they're hard to store! Do yourself a favour and get a cute rain jacket - maybe a clear one to show off the perfect festival look you've worked so hard to achieve? And don't forget to make sure it has a hood!

Seven: Stirrup leggings aka ski tights aka the only pants you need. I'm not a big advocate of leggings as pants, but at festivals anything goes. They're tough, they move and breathe when you're dancing, and they accept the 3 corn dogs you ate after spending $200 worth of  drink tickets at the Smirnoff tent... Stirrup leggings are the mother of all leggings (and totally 80s I might add) because they have that great little bit that goes over your foot. No more awkward legging coming out of the sock oh no I have cold ankles now feeling!

Eight: A cute tshirt. Something cheap like this one from Threadless (on sale for $5! Too bad there's only XXL left) that you can cut, rip, style however you like. 

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