Thursday, 22 August 2013

A Day at the Beach

One of the most incredible things about living in Australia is the beach. Duh. Since I've been in Australia, it has been "winter" which essentially means I wear jeans and tshirts, and occasionally a sweater (or jumper). In the last couple of weeks it has warmed up heaps! We've been able to go out to the beach and do a little sunbathing and swimming which is so so exciting! It still gets chilly once the sun goes down, but being able to go to the beach is so much better than sitting indoors all day. Last week, Trent and I took his red border collie Jagger to the beach. Jaggy is such a sweetheart, and he loves to play fetch!

I've been having all these weird... "woman feelings" lately. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm growing up or my internal clock is ticking or whatever, but lately I've been thinking about babies. Now don't freak out mom, I'm not rushing to get pregnant and pop out a couple sets of twins (although maybe I could get a sweet tv show deal out of it...) but I've been feeling super motherly. I'd love to get a puppy, something to take care of. I love imagining what my life will be like in 10 years... I hope I have a house and a baby and a white picket fence and all of that.

Playing with Jagger is always fun, he's such an energetic dog, and he loves it when we take him to the beach. He's a bit scared of the water and after a while of playing he likes to cuddle. Whenever I watch movies or tv shows I find myself relating with the parental figure, as opposed to the child. I'm at a junction in my life. I've crossed the threshold of adulthood (in some ways, in others I'm still a big kid!) and although I'm not prepared in any other way for a child, maybe I'm emotionally ready. 

I want to be married when I have a baby. I want to be in a stable job, in a safe environment. I want to have travelled the world. I'm not saying that my life will be over after having a baby, but while I'm young and selfish and life is about me and my needs I'm going to fully take advantage of that!

For now I'm happy with my selfish amazing life, but it's funny how time changes your perspective!

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