Friday, 19 July 2013

Guest Post: A Little About "Drugs" (and How to Feel Kick Ass!)

Pink. Desperately in love. Hopeless romantic. Dreams of sweet sixteens’ and dream weddings. Shops from places like Hollister and Abercrombie, and frets about losing weight to be liked. Insecure. Girly. NOT ME.

These words describe your average, every day teenager. But these words don’t describe me. I’m NOT that girl. Instead I’m the girl who listens to rock and alternative music, whose iPods ‘most played’ songs freak people out at times. The girl who plans her dream ‘underage’ club, for teenage kids to use as a retreat and dance like crazy. The girl who wishes  to interview bands, and help out in setting up and planning underground concerts. The girl who wishes to change lives, have a voice and KICK BUTT!

My name is Maham Insha and I just recently started blogging over at Light and Dark. I’m a high school student and a beginner blogger. I play guitar and sing, I write, I do weird and crazy things with my friends, I stargaze, I listen to pretty awesome music and I dance like no one is watching.  I always, ALWAYS mention which songs I have been listening to while writing a certain post, so that people know EXACTLY what was going through my mind at the moment, and so that they can play the given list of songs while reading my posts, and feel what I feel, and for a little while, BE who I AM. I believe music has the power to change peoples’ lives, or drastically alter them.

Today I am guest posting for the pretty awesome owner of Seductive Mania, Becky! And I thought I’d write a small guide to drugs for you guys... ;)

Wait! Don’t run away yet! Let me explain. The ‘drugs’ I’m mentioning is really just a reference to music! Music does give you a kind of high. Only the right kind. (hehe). Today, I’m going to let you guys in on what I do to feel KICK ASS and ALIVE!

Everyone has setbacks, big and small. Everyone starts to feel insecure about themselves, and EVERYONE (even the tall, gorgeous popular girl and the rebellious confident bad boy) feel bad about themselves at times, feel like they are good for nothing, worthless and that their passions and dreams are stupid and a waste of time( or they have controlling parents over their heads constantly making them believe so). Everyone has experienced depression, including me. But you know what? I learnt how to get back on my feet, move on with my life, be strong and kick serious butt!

Everyone has their own ways for feeling alive and awesome. One thing I do is create play lists. I create play lists of songs that motivate me and make me feel good, I create play lists of songs that describe my life.. i even create playlists for other people! To reassure people who have problems with their appearance, to comfort those who have lost a loved one. There are songs out there that adhere to EVERY SINGLE possible situation you might be in, or have experienced. You just have to look for them, search for the people who have gone through the same thing as you, so that you KNOW that you are not alone!

Another thing I do is that I go outside to a public place, like a mall, a park, or heck even the drive way outside my house, and listen to music with my earphones on, and look around. You can walk, run, skip, hike, whatever you want with a selected play list on, and just be alone with your self and your thoughts. Something about the surroundings and the music playing in the back ground energizes you and helps you make self realizations. Also, you feel like you’re the main character in a movie with all the back ground music and emo talk!

 Other things I do to feel alive and happy include watching action packed adrenaline boosting movies, like the Fast and Furious series, and pretending like I’m in the movie kicking butt and performing dangerous stunts; dressing up in my nicest clothes, doing my hair and makeup, and then dancing to music like a crazy mad woman; sitting on my off white couch named Burt and talking to him and doing things people say i cannot do!!

I hope this post helps you guys realize just how awesome you can be, that music can help you more than you realized, that it’s okay to be different and weird, and how it’s completely NORMAL to name your couch and talk to him..right?

My current playlist:

xoxo Mana

Thanks for posting Maham! If you are interesting in guest posting or sponsoring Seductive Mania (for free!), shoot me an email here!

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