Thursday, 6 June 2013

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!

Today is something a little bit different, I'm featuring 4 songs. One old, one new, one borrowed, and one blue!

This song to this day makes me think of my momma, and I know every single word!! Love!

Today is the first time I've ever heard this song and it's an automatic repeat on my playlist!!

For "borrowed" I decided to use a cover, Beth borrowed Swedish House Mafias beautiful lyrics to make an amazing cover!

Oh come on, you had to have guessed this one! 

What songs would you have chosen using the same guidelines? I'd love to know!

 photo bottom_zps3f6b182c.jpg


  1. Ha, I HATED the song Blue growing up but I love it now. I had a good reason for the hate, mind you, my little brother was obsessed with it and would play it on repeat literally from the moment he arrived home from school to the moment he went to sleep. My bedroom was next to his and after the first 4 hours it began to drive me insane! xx

    1. I had the exact same problem!! My little brother love that song, it was on a YTV big fun party mix 1999 or something silly like that!! It reminds me of so many funny moments when I was younger now though! xo