Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I'm Lovin Bloglovin!

So as you all know, Google Reader is leaving us next month. Sadface. I took the switch, and ended up picking Feedly as my replacement. Although very similar to Google Reader, sometimes the HTML doesn't work and it's got a pretty easy scroll-y interface. 

This past weekend, I finally decided to check out what all the Bloglovin fuss was about. I mean everyone is saying follow me on Bloglovin blah blah blah. But it just seemed a bit fussy, a bit complicated, and a bit too much.

Okay, okay. Hold up. 

Did I just say that Bloglovin was too much? I lied. You just go on and you read your blogs and you're even on their page so you can see everyone's unique design and personality and (awesomely enough) all of their HTML!

So currently I only have one follower on Bloglovin. And I'm pretty sure that's me following myself. Awkward

So if anyone feels like giving me a follow - that'd be awesome! And if you're on Bloglovin, I'd love to get a link to your blog so I can help a sista (or brotha) out!

Follow on Bloglovin

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  1. I was surprised at how easy it was to import everything from google reader to bloglovin! I've been using feedly for some time now, so I suggested that to my readers. Someone left a comment about how easy bloglovin was so I had to try it. Granted I haven't been using it fully as feedly has been my old standard. I have had a short haitus from blogging as well. I'm now back in action, lol.

    So I may just have to set up a follow button and start using it over feedly - even just initially to compare the two.

    So yeah I'm your newest bloglovin' follower. ::grins::

    1. Yay! Super exciting! It was so easy! I was surprised actually how easy it was to go google reader > feedly > bloglovin - I didn't lose anything!! Feedly is helpful when you want to read the blog fast!

      I'm going to follow you now!! :)


  2. hehe no silly, I'm your first Bloglovin follower! Surprise! Have been for ages ;)

    1. Awwwh, awesome!! Finally jumped to the Bloglovin ship... a bit late I think!! xo

  3. I love Blog Lovin... although it's not perfect, it's been a good way to organize my fave blogs and like you said, still see their unique designs!

    I thought I had already had you on there, but looks like you didn't! Thanks for this post, you are definitely added and have a new follower! :)