Thursday, 27 June 2013

Manic Call For FREE Sponsorship Opportunity

How would you like to sp onsor my blog... for FREE!

Yeah! Free!

I could tell you all the statistics of my blog and everything, but to be perfectly honest they're not fantastic. BUT, they are rapidly improving as I am becoming more and more serious about my blog! Everyone starts somewhere, right?

More to the point, I want your ad on my blog. I want you to tell me what kind of sponsorship you're down for. Small business looking to boost your sales by offering a discount code? Cool! New blog hoping to get a little more traffic your way and wanting to write a guest post about what you're all about? Also cool! Just interested in emailing me a 200x150 px ad that I shoot up on my sidebar? Super cool!

You tell me. 

Let's work together and do something awesome on the internet!

Shoot me an email:!

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