Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I F#@ing Adore You! Free Wallpaper Download!

I've been on my own in Australia for the past 2 weeks which has been a strange feeling. I've been loving the freedom of having my "own" car, and I've been working a lot and going to the gym and generally trying to make myself a better person. I've been having some ups and downs recently, but I've realized I can't be bright and shiny all the time. I'm not always bright and shiny, I'm occasionally pretty dark and twisty! I like watching tv and swearing like a sailor. I enjoy getting a little too drunk with my friends. I don't have time to do crafts or make pretty photoshop or scrapbook or cook all the things I want to because I choose to spend my time doing other things. 

This all doesn't make me a bad person, or a lesser person or a worse blogger than people who like to be bright and shiny all the time, it just makes me, well... me

I made two versions of these wallpapers with a freeee download!

 photo 01404b68-3128-4693-bf59-0421fbf36b29_zps0c875baf.jpg photo d1fe302a-0572-4f53-9fc7-4860cc30b30c_zpsa2253e8c.jpg

   Dark and Twisty                                    Bright and Shiny

 photo Untitled-4_zps00dbc191.png

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  1. Hey Becky! Your dark and twisty made me think of Meredith from Grey's Anatomy... and I totally relate with her sometimes... and lately, more than usual (that whole dark and twisty side). I don't think you should have to feel bubbly or bright or anything... if you're happy just being YOU, then do that! Sometimes happiness doesn't look like skipping down the street -- sometimes it's just having a good time with friends, or an intelligent debate, or a nap! Haha. You get to define it -- and if it means dark and twisty sometimes, then so be it!


    1. That's exactly where I was coming from, I've watched heaps of Grey's since the boyfriend has been away! A couple of times I've gone to work and not been in a bad mood, more... indifferent and because I wasn't feeling bubbly/bright and shiny I felt like I was letting my team down... which isn't fair at all on me. I'm learning how to embrace every part of me, not just the ones expected from me!

      xo Becky