Friday, 24 May 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Momma Goose!

(August 2012, Lake Louise, Alberta)

This is my momma, and I love her a lot. :)

And it is her birthday!!

Happy 50th birthday to the greatest mom there ever was. Thanks mom, for:

Supporting my move to Australia
Always trying to take my picture even though I always pull faces like ^ that one
Teaching me to be a strong and independent woman, like you
Making sure I knew how to assemble a book case and change a tire by myself
Supporting my baking and trying all my BRAP pies, even though you don't like pie
Laughing at my dumb jokes
Trying to show me how to dress myself
Not giving up even when I decided jeans and tshirts were the only way to go
Visiting me in the mountains
For trying everything and anything to get me to eat breakfast..
And lunch
And especially for putting up with me during my rebellious teenage years, I'm still sorry about those!

(January 2013 and Sometime around 2001)

Love you more than anything!!

Wish I could be home to celebrate with you!

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