Thursday, 24 January 2013

Way Back Wednesday...

So, chillin out maxin on my computer and I found my old xanga blog. Oh my gosh. So in honor of all of my feelings and over dramatic self in the summer between grade 10 and 11, I thought I'd blog the way I used to...

Dear whoever isn't reading,

Whaddap. I went to the mall with cassafrazzle (shoutouts, yo) and spent way too much money but had a bombdigg time and am super stoked to wear all my new clothes. not like i even look good in them anyways... azn tear.. xD

lately i've been listening to a lot of MCR, thats my chemical romance for those of you not fortunate enough to be a fan... tragic. 

Zanana is coming over tonight, pretty awesome to see her face. my room is messy. i should clean it.

"hmeneanana annmennsnme huuummmnanananananaaa dum dum nanahahhan blahhhh"

those lyrics have so much meaning to me. i just really feel cold inside like no one really knows me. who am i? and what am i doing on this earth?

i am sooo confuuuuseeddddddd.


shout outs to z-anana, ca$$tran, and mah mom. word. 

ps, i'm only making fun of myself. but really. this is like a summary of my whole blog. yuck :p

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