Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Years Resolutions!

Hellooo 2013! 

We survived! I've been working my turkey dinners off (just kidding I was working so much I never actually got a turkey dinner) which is why I've been 100% MIA for the last month. But hey, this is my blog I DO WHAT I WANT. Just kidding I'm sorry I love you. 

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My NYE consisted of work until 11:45, making myself 10 minute pretty, and getting absolutely hammered with a former CFL player. I had a way better time than I expected and I seriously love all of my co-workers, they're like a second family to me, living and working together has made us so close, especially in this past month! 

The next day was basically a blur of work and coffee, but I did manage to jot down my resolutions for the upcoming year!

So these are my Resolutions! In case you can't read them they are:

1. Take 1 photo/day! I have a lot of exciting plans for the future, and even an instagram photo would do. I want to remember everything about 2013!

2. Blog once/week (at least!) I was trying to set reasonable goals. I want be more consistent with you little blog!

3. Get out of the country! So many plans, so little time... We'll see what the future holds ;)

4. Keep doing project life (2 pages/week) I just finished my cover pages and have started working on my pages for this week and I'm already freakishly addicted to this project!!

5. Work on my fitness once/week! Again, reasonable goals. I'm actually really happy with my body right now, you can check out my fitness blog and see how I do with this goal!

6. Skype/call/email the family once/week! I love my family sooo much, but I am the worst at keeping in touch!! I hope that will follow through with this one, it's probably the most important of all! 

7. Experiment more with fashion! Jeans and tshirts are getting boring. I've already started to branch out of my sweatpants bubble, but expect more OOTD posts in the near future!

8. Make the most out of 2013!! I want to live life to the fullest and take every opportunity that gets thrown my way! 

I am super excited to be starting a New Year, and I have a super positive outlook on the next 12 months - and beyond!! I hope everyone had an amazing night, a hungover next day, and are looking forward to this coming year as much as I am!!

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