Friday, 14 September 2012

September Goal!

Image 1 of Hearts & Bows Aran Knit Boyfriend Cardigan with Contrast Stitch

That's right - goal. Not goals. Let's not get too over ambitious today, self. 

I'm really horrible at setting long-term goals, I tend to forget about them actually... I have a bucket list in a little notebook, but that's entirely different. That's pretty much a collection of things I've already decided I have to do with my life.

But back to September...

My one and only goal for the remaining half of September is to knit/crochet (still not really sure what the difference is...) a big chunky white sweater.

(btw, has anyone ever thought of how great it is that you can Google "white oversized knit sweater" and come up with a whole ton of exactly what you were looking for? Oh, the magic of technology.)

Doesn't it look so comfy and warm and wintery? It'll be perfect for layering with tights and wool socks... fall doesn't last for very long here in the mountains!

I'm going to order needles and yarn and a pattern tonight and hopefully be able to finish by the time it gets chilly out!

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  1. ooo cool! make sure you check out if you haven't already, it is a goldmine for knitting and crochet patterns, plus a lot of them are free!! I am a massive nerd when it comes to knitting beanie and scarf and I spent forever finding patterns =) if you have a look I am bohemianbeautiful on there :) good luck with your project! :)