Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Goals Revisited!


  • Read 3 whole books ... I read one book. I suck!
  • Enjoy more time outside in the sunshine I'm kinda cheating by checking this one off because the sunshine disappeared for most of the month - but I sure enjoyed it!
  • Talk to my parents more! Still not as much as I'd like, but more!
  • Focus on changing what I'm eating and being more concious about what I put into my body. Another kinda cheat. My eating didn't exactly improve, but every time I put crap into my body, I was aware of it.

  • Start baking, once or twice a week. FAIL. I don't think I baked at all this month.
  • Update on a regular basis - 2 or 3 times a week. Mostly true, I updated a lot more this month!
  • Get a real life camera to blog with (PLEASE) Woohooo! 

  • Study for all of my exams and finish up the year with flying colors Studied like a boss!
  • Don't procrastinate! I made to do lists and actually followed them - which is why my blog was on the bottom priority.
  • Make school sweaters for everyone in my program Yess! And the were a huge hit!

  • Start thinking more about The CupCapers and see if I can design any pamphlets/flyers Ooops. Although I do have some hardcore ideas.
  • Save up more money than I spend - bills don't count. I'm crossing this one off because I kinda did it... and by that I mean that I didn't save any money but I didn't spend any because it all went to bills :p
Not too disappointing - I have high hopes for May!

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