Friday, 13 April 2012

Fancy French Toast

I love breakfast.... Obviously. To be completely honest though, I don't really eat it a whole lot. Why? Well... I love sleep. I guess more than I love breakfast.  Ooops.

Some simple French bread  picked up on a whim from the grocery store. 50% off "fresh baked" multigrain to be exact. Don't worry about stale bread, in fact embrace the day old bread. It's crustiness makes it the perfect candidate for a delicious french toast. 

Now, you wanna know my secret to perfect french toast? You sure? Ok.

Vanilla, cinnamon, cream, brown sugar, SALT AND PEPPER, and hot sauce.

Yes, salt and pepper and hot sauce. You read correctly. The salt and pepper are so important - you would never forget to put them on your eggs would you? And the hot sauce? Well... it adds a much needed contrast to the heaviness of french toast.

What is your french toast secret recipe? (Everyone has one!)

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