Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cooking With a Camera (And #5/19)

NasUbK on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs kills picture quality... anyone have any other gifmaking solutions?

I've been regularly blogging since January, and since then I have not had a camera. Not even an iPhone camera. All I have been able to use to take pictures is someone else's camera, or my webcam.... not anymore

I am not a photographer, nor am I a professional blogger by any means, but I do love documenting the little things that go on around me, and finally I will be able to! This also crosses off number 5 on my 19 before 20 List! Success! It's a Cannon Elph, and I love it. It's only a point and shoot, but hey, buying a car was also on my to do list. 

I've got to be honest here, I'm pretty sure the only reason I made breakfast this morning was because I wanted to use my new camera. 

Yum, I just want to eat it all over again.

Eugh, ugly writing. Gonna take some time to get used to this whole tablet thing!
 Fisheye effect!
 Toy Camera Effect
And a cool shot of a whisk taken with the high speed burst mode.

The point of this post was pretty much just to try out my new camera... which was also pretty much the point of the eggs. BUT - some helpful words of advice from a breakfast cook:

When making an omelette, make SURE you,
  • Put a little bit of oil at the bottom of the pan. A little bit of oil. Maybe a tablespoon if you have a big pan, and please don't drown your eggs. 
  • To make an actual omelette (unlike mine) be sure to have more eggs than stuff, the eggs are the glue keeping your stuff together, and without it you just have scrambled eggs
  • Salt and Pepper!!!!!! Don't forget these key ingredients in your veggies, and most certainly in your eggs.
  • To keep that circle shape, make sure you use a rubber spatula to carefully lift up the edges of the eggs. This will allow the eggs to run down below the already cooked eggs, giving you that excellent circle shape.
  • To give a little extra kick in your eggs, try whisking in a little bit of horseradish or grainy dijon mustard. MMmmmm good!


  1. this looks DELICIOUS!! I am so making this, I always struggle with knowing what to put in omelettes! and HURRAY for getting a camera!! =D

  2. Really? For me omelettes are one of those things you grab all of your veggies chop em small and throw them into some eggs ! (:

    But yay ! Camera ! (:

  3. That looks really good! Want to come over and cook me one? haha

    1. I would love to my dear ! Travel costs would be a little much though (;

      Xo Becky !